A Big NO to Flash

Flash animation is a buzz word that a majority of our clients use to describe animation, sliders, and generally any moving part on their website. Even though a better solution could be built using jQuery & HTML5, the customer knows it only to be “Flash”, and as such, only asks for Flash.

…..But technology changes in a flash, gone are the days when Apple & Blackberry were just fruits.

  1. Flash is not SEO friendly:
    Googlebots do not index pages with Flash content. So if your website homepage has flash, it is less likely to be indexed by Google.
  2. Large File size:
    It makes your site heavy & increases the loading time.
  3. Flash is not iOS friendly:
    Try loading flash content on your iPhone/iPad browser and it will give you an error.
  4. Security:
    Flash does not guarantee data integrity. You may loose all your vital data in Flash of a second :)

21st Century is revolutionised by UI/UX, and we are empowering it with jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5.

Simply because jQuery does what it says! Write less, Do more.

Apart from being SEO Friendly, iOS compatible and easily scalable on low bandwidth internet, it offers a lot more to enhance your websites performance and looks. You can create high-end responsive designs with great interactivity and amazing speed.

Our previous company website was believed to be Flash driven; We indeed like giving people pleasant & innovative surprises. Here is demo of our previous design, incase you happen to miss out:

“…the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards – all areas where Flash falls short.”

Steve Jobs, April 2010

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Think of SEO Before Developing Your Website

SEO (Search engine optimization) in our terms is an art of reducing gap between your site and its target audience. It’s a process of making your website easily searchable (to relevant keywords) by structuring your website navigation in user-friendly manner. Remember if the user is happy, you get more page views & less bounce rates. So you keep good content and we will handle the rest!

Why do we implement SEO in Development stage? 

Are you planning to launch a new website or redesign the current one? If yes, then we can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. 

 I might as well hire some dude who charges me $5k a month and get my site in top rankings!: HMMM…

Listen what Google says: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Google also keeps its organic search isolated from its revenue model. So be wary of SEO firms that make baseless promises. 

The White Hat SEO

  1. We implement all the basic and recommended SEO Practices in development stage itself!
  2. Permalinks: %Postname% This is the most popular permalink structure among wordpress users, and it is perfect as long as you can include your keywords in your post titles. Short and keyword rich urls are best for SEO.
  3. Adding Alt tags to images: This allows Google Bots to learn characteristics about the image (example: <img src=”iPhone5.jpg” alt=”iPhone 5 black colour”).
  4. We install and configure recommended SEO plugin. This provides you title, meta keywords, meta description fields along with each page/post. This helps user to easily add title and description about the post/page from backend. For example Google uses the description meta to show the short description when page is listed in search result. Check image below:

You may see the meta description in the search result for our page. We also create global meta tags for posts, products, media, forums, topics, discussions, product categories & product tags. Plugins & Tools we use:

  • WordPress-SEO plugin by Yoast
  • http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks
  • http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/recipeseo/

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Why We Recommend Working from Scratch!

Some of our clients might have a popular but often mistaken view that modifying templates and adding a few more lines of code would do them good. Well that is not the case always. Usually when people try to edit other’s work, it makes sense to them but not to the world. It reduces the overall efficiency and productivity. We believe writing and developing websites itself is an art. You cannot start painting your own picture on someone else’s canvas.

Work From ScratchThe Love Letter Theory!

Suppose, you’re writing a letter to a loved one (YES! That is how seriously we take our work). Would you write a letter beginning with ‘To whomsoever it may concern’? Never. You will always start with the person’s name. A mark of personal affection.

Similarly, our codes address the exact requirements your website needs. Nothing more, nothing less. We like to keep it clean! All our codes are W3C validated. This means a lot of cool stuff. Some of the prominent advantages that would interest you are:

  • Website will load faster and won’t test the visitor’s patience.
  • Better ranks in search engine results.
  • Lower bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate on your website, the better, because it means that visitors are getting engaged by your content and design.

Why work from scratch?

Working from scratch is part of our process, plus its a logical and methodical approach. This ensures utmost quality. It also means, we know the basics right. And we know exactly which function resides where in the code. This also gives you a secure website.
‘Life Time Free Bug Support’ is a promise we make to all our customers. We can’t make that promise unless we work from scratch. All companies give guarantee for their own products only. So do we. This enables our clients to trust upon us to provide them with the most viable solution.

Still not convinced? Well in simple words, our work is tailored as per your requirements. Generic themes have some features and you wish a developer adds some more to it. But what about the redundant features, which makes your website struggle when users browse it. Here comes in our custom solution.

What would you prefer, a picture painted on someone else’s canvas or on a new, fresh canvas? Let us know your thoughts.

This post is cross posted from rtCamp blog.

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